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Teodesign, the ultimate creative powerhouse, is a kick-butt design agency totally owning the visual and product design game. We’re all about those chill vibes and creating mind-blowing brand experiences. Rocking the scene since 2010, tons of global giants have tapped into our awesomeness for their design needs. 

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Let us sprinkle some creative stardust on your brand narrative, turning it into a symphony that captivates hearts, sparks minds, and sells like hotcakes.

Born in Olpe, Westphalia, in 1851, Franz Hitze, a Catholic clergyman and politician, dealt intensively with the social question and tried to solve the problems created by industrialization.  The documentary offers an all-encompassing view of his life and work. Watch the full film in German here.

Visual storyteller and brand builder with creative DNA

Event Designing Nokia

Full event branding for this all-evening and stunning event of the European Researchers’ Night 2023, Nokia, Budapest.

Cell phone donation for the raw material turnaround! We collect discarded cell phones in Berlin & Brandenburg. Handyaktion

Millions of retired cell phones are waiting for a new life. For this initiative, we made an animated film with a call to action, Your cell phone is worth its weight in gold!

Improve the way you present vacation rental online

Advertising Vacation Rentals

We assisted the property manager in attracting more guests to their apartments by taking pictures and building their social media presence.

2017 World Aquatics Championships mastercard sponsorship

Credit Card Promotional

Cheer for the FINA World Championships at Terasz Budapest where Mastercard and Maestro card holders can even receive all kinds of cool discounts.

Crafting Excellence: Art Direction at TEDx Kreuzberg


Theme: Our Changing World. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

Adult Coloring Projects

Adult Coloring Projects

Some tips have been hidden on how to utilize credit cards in the coloring book for young adults. Mastercard promotion.

retail design agency

Apple Store, literally

When you hear "Apple store," you probably think of your most recent smartphone. However, some retailers create a distinct area for selling apples and other traditional fruit.

Necesitas Branding Digital?

L'OCCITANE En Provence

Beauty tips from the beautiful Hungarian actress. L'OCCITANE En Provence chose Szonja Oroszlán as the brand's beauty ambassador.

Gran Canaria Design Agency

Recruitment Professional Level

The unspoken benefits of advertising on LinkedIn® Ad Campaigns. The correct social media platform may assist you in converting that ad noise into fast, actionable brand information.

Teodora Frenyo

Meet Teodora Frenyo, the mastermind behind Our Brand Studio! With over 15 years of rocking the branding world, she’s got the creative DNA to slay in art direction – from killer ad campaigns and storytelling to content creation, visual compositions, and video wizardry.

Teodora isn’t just your average founder; she’s all about staying lit with the latest trends and flexes some serious digital marketing know-how. Whether she’s diving into research, cooking up genius ideas, or serving up solutions, she’s the ultimate visual storyteller.
Fun fact: Teodora used to throw down in creative teams at McCann Ericsson, Ogilvy, and other hotshot companies.

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Climate change has been here for a long time.

Climate adaptation:

The Bäcker family makes their house climate-proof!

The Bäcker family has taken a wise and commendable step towards creating a more sustainable future by implementing adaptations to climate-proof their home .

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal” – Trailer


The animated film accompanying the exhibition

This animated video for the exhibition “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal” recounts the history of its development and classifies the monument’s historical value.

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