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Hi!re Teodesign

My name is Teodora Frenyo, creativity in my DNA. In 2010, I started Teodesign Studio.

15+ years working in digital agencies with proven experience in a senior art director role. As an award-winning brand designer and marketing strategist, I can help improve brands with 360° strong visual and effective marketing solutions.

Strategic thinking

As a marketing design agency, we must possess strategic thinking, which is why it is at the top of the list. We are able to create a short and long-term vision for your business marketing strategy.


We are able to translate often complex ideas into understandable information. We take responsibility for working with the various departments, managers, and partners of the organization.

Go with the Flow

Your company’s managers or owners do not need to comprehend the subtleties and language of the current social media platform, but they may need to understand how it may be used to enhance lead generation or communicate with audiences.

Technology Proficiency

To utilize any marketing platform, we are familiar with it.
Teodesign is up-to-date on the most recent trends, applications, SEO secrets, and algorithm analysis.


Copywriting and content creation are crucial for effective communication in general and for branding and marketing in particular.


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We can assist you with developing content that inspires, engages, and sells.